About SMEA

Saskatchewan Music Educators Association
Charitable, Nonprofit Cultural Association, Incorporated in 1957
(306) 256-3618
Box 24
Cudworth, SK | S0K 1B0
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Mission Statement

  • To promote the development of high standards of music and music education.
  • To exchange information and ideas with those interested in music.
  • To sponsor conventions, workshops, clinics and other means of musical development, information and vision.


  • Commitment to volunteer and community involvement as a volunteer based organization, comprised of a membership and elected Board of Directors who strive to work together towards the growth and development of its activities at a volunteer level.
  • Universal participation through leadership, membership, volunteers and access to organizational programs and services.
  • Partnership and cooperation in a coordinated approach with other music and arts related organizations to maximize use of available resources and ensure the continuum of high standards of music education.
  • Volunteer leadership, effective governance and organizational effectiveness by the expeditious use of scarce and valued resources, including human resources to increase self reliance, growth, resource acquisition, adaptability, innovation, productivity, service, satisfaction and commitment at the local level.
  • Lottery recognition and promotion.
Past President Celia Hammerton 306-778-0576
President Nathan Seghers 306-548-2103
Vice President Katlyn Redding 306-591-5600
Director Region 1 Dara Schindelka 306-725-7096
Direction Region 2 Michaila Jersak 306-750-0192
Director Region 3 Graham Gilmore 306-720-0622
Director Region 4 Sharon Bates 306-368-2333
Director Region 5 Lauren Lohneis 306-940-7418
Director Region 6 Cindy Tootoosis 306-370-1974
Brendan Dickie
Regional Director 7 Brendan Dickie 306-550-6845
Executive Director Jennifer Jungwirth 306-256-3618
U of S Liaison Dean McNeill 306-966-6169
U of R Liaison David Dick 306-550-6927
Orff Contact Janet Weaver/Wendy Rigby
STF Liaison Lynn Ewing 1-800-652-2240
Saskatchewan Honour Groups Chair Katlyn Redding
Saskatoon Children's Choir Director Phoebe Voigts 306-683-7340
Circle of Peace Drumming Director Richard Dubé 306-683-7340
Heart of the City Moose Jaw Melinda Anderson-Grass 306-692-3904
Heart of the City Regina Michele Wheeler
Heart of the City Peggy L'Hoir
Heart of the City Saskatoon Stefanie Stefanson-Pexa 306-665-2025
USMES President Cameron Breiter
URMSC President Josh Hendricksen
Orchestra Elaine Kaloustian
Metis Consultant Angela Caron 306-683-7120
  • Saskatchewan Teachers Federation
  • International Society for Music Education (ISME) U.N. affiliation
  • Canadian Music Educators Association
  • SaskCulture Inc.
  • The Canadian Coalition for Music Education
  • Canadian Conference of the Arts
  • The National Symposium on Arts Educations
  • The Canada Council
  • The British Columbia MEA
  • The Alberta Music Association
  • The Manitoba MEA
  • The Ontario MEA
  • The New Brunswick MEA
  • The University of Sask. Music Department
  • The University of Regina Music Department
  • Brandon School of Music
  • The International Music Camp (North Dakota)
  • The Conservatory of Music.
  • Saskatchewan Choral Federation
  • Saskatchewan Band Association
  • Saskatchewan Music Festival Association
  • Saskatchewan Orchestral Association
  • Saskatchewan Arts Alliance
  • Lloyd Blackman
  • Alastair Browne
  • William Browne
  • Marjorie Burns
  • Don Cowan*
  • George Charpentier
  • William Duignan
  • Verla Forsyth**
  • Robert Gibson
  • Gary Gullickson
  • Catherine Graham
  • Gloria Herauf
  • David Kaplan
  • Colin King
  • Robert Latimer
  • Doug McCosh
  • Isabelle Mills
  • Dwaine Nelson
  • Floyd Nelson
  • John Steinecker
  • Marlene Taylor
  • Joan Therens
  • Gene Aulinger
  • Gary Evjen
  • Marilyn King
  • Tom Magnusson
  • Debbie McPherson
  • Wayne Toews
  • Brian Unverricht
  • Phoebe Voigts
  • Lee Adams
  • Kara Helms
  • Jeff Lawrence
  • Jerry Lisitza
  • Dwaine Nelson
  • Marven Shields
  • Tom Magnuson
  • Gene Aulinger
  • Blaine McClary
  • Margo Fournier
  • Janet Mark
  • Colin King
  • George Charpentier
  • Stewart Wilkinson
  • John Panio
  • Gary Gullickson
  • Joan Therens
  • Wayne Toews
  • Maureen Patterson
  • Carol Petrie
  • Phoebe Voigts
  • Richard Dubé
  • Cindy Burham
  • Lorraine Arnold
  • Rhonda Baker
  • Corinne Olson
  • John Poettker
  • Dean Bernier
  • Lana Currie
  • Chris Hamilton
  • Marlene Hinz
  • Sharon Meredith
  • Stephanie Stefanson-Pexa
  • Brian Unverricht
  • Jennifer Switzer
  • Rj Staples
  • H. A. Jeffrey
  • Reg. McFarland
  • Participatory experiences in a menu of program and services which are relevant, of high quality and accessible to all citizens of Saskatchewan, regardless of age, gender, race, special needs, economic status or geographical area.
  • Volunteer leaders and a volunteer community that demonstrates organizational ability to cooperatively work together for the common good in the fulfillment of common goals at the local level. Commitment to the recruitment, training, motivating and retaining of valued volunteers as well as increased emphasis on volunteer recognition.
  • Organizational cooperation with other music organizations to coordinate programs and services that serve a greater number of individuals than those represented by each of the organizations separately.
  • Service to the membership in terms of representation, advocacy, resources, professional development and training.
  • Commitment to actively promote healthy life styles and positive choices and publicly recognize the importance of lottery funding to sport, recreation and culture as a means through which these goals can be achieved.

REGION 1 Rep: Amy Timm

REGION 2 Rep: Michaila Jersak

REGION 3 Rep: Darren Kitsch

REGION 4 Rep: Sharon Bates

REGION 5 Rep: Lauren Lohneis

REGION 6 Rep: Vacant

REGION 7 Rep: Brendan Dickie