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Rj Staples, the Provincial Supervisor of Music was one of the founding members of SMEA in 1957. He acted as the editor of the SMEA News bulletin. He was appointed Honourary President to SMEA. Rj conducted a 1000-voice provincial choir at several SMEA Conventions and was instrumental in the Sask Sings broadcasts and the publication of the Sask Sings songbooks to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of the province. In 1964, Rj, as the Department of Education representative on the Curriculum Committee, encouraged SMEA to outline specific recommendations regarding equipment, teaching aids and trained teaching staff required to provide a full music program in Division III with consideration of a possible Division IV course of studies for a full music program. In 1968, Rj Staples organized the provincial Honour Choir (later referred to as the Provincial Honour Choir)

recipient is chosen by the University of Saskatchewan Music Department

Frank Connell came to Canada from Shotts, Scotland in 1958 as the Music Director of the Moose Jaw Lions Junior Bands. He was the founder of the Sask Music Camps in 1962, which later became known as the Sask School of the Arts with its permanent home at Fort San. Frank served as a member of the Executive of the SMEA, member of the Saskatchewan Arts Board, President of the Sask Chapter of the Canadian Bandmasters Association and was awarded the Order of Canada Medal.

Download Application for this Scholarship : Frank Connell Scholarship
Submit one copy of this application to the above address, and a copy of the most recent University Transcripts.

Our annual Memorial Scholarships are in need of more funds from people like you. The Auctions’ of the last few conferences, although a great deal of fun, have not generated as much money as some of the fundraisers of the past. This leaves the scholarship fund at a very low level. SMEA awards two $500.00 scholarships, the Rj. Staples and the Frank Connell to a third or fourth year music student from the University of Saskatchewan and the University of Regina.

Awarding these scholarships remains a priority of SMEA, so in order to continue to do so, we would like to challenge all music teachers, former music students, or anyone who believes music education is worthwhile supporting, to make a donation to our Special Scholarship Fund Raising program. All contributors will be issued a charitable tax receipt and will be acknowledged in our Newsletters and Annual Report for that period. Any amount of support is worthwhile.

Thank you for your support!

Cheques should be payable to:
Memorial Scholarship Fund
Saskatchewan Music Educators Association
Box 24
Cudworth, SK S0K 1B0

Assisting Honour Group Musicians where financial pressure of participation seeks relief.

Remembering Maureen Patterson

Maureen began her career in Rosetown where she quickly became recognized as a gifted music teacher, especially as a band director. Even after having been away a long time she is still remembered there for her work directing “The Sound of Music”.

She was a spirited competitor and enjoyed the challenge of preparing her groups for competition whether she was going to Moose Jaw or to Vienna. She was a hardworking, committed but compassionate taskmaster what taught her students to play with good tone and to create beautiful musical lines. One student remembers her as a funny lady with a cup of coffee in her hand who always had time to help.

Maureen hated meetings but loved a good party and was a gracious and generous host. When an operation left her unable to play trumpet she began to study cello and amazed her teacher with her progress. Maureen had a broad range of interests including the study of Spanish and curling. Her unique laugh enlivened any gathering. Maureen kept in touch with a wide circle of friends through regular telephone calls that typically ended with her saying how much she cared about you. Many benefited from her caring and love.

I shall remember her strong personality and her passion for both music and people. She showed that music is an important part of a full and rich life.
-Wayne Toews

…….I suppose you know that she was my high school band teacher in Rosetown from my grade 9 to 12 years (1969-72) and then I ended up teaching with her at Walter Murray for a few years after I got my degree and started teaching in Saskatoon. It was actually very cool to work with her as a colleague and I learned lots about how to get “the passion” for teaching. Her early years of teaching out in Rosetown were arguably her best and she had some really remarkable results with a rural town school band program over 35 years ago.

I remember we used to have to march as a band in the Moose Jaw Kinsmen Band Festival Parade (which was not part of Moe’s “bag” at all! ) so we were really bad at it but basically had to do it to be able to compete in the festival as a concert band. After a few years of this, Maureen finally went down to the local RCMP office and asked if any officer would be willing to teach a bunch of kids how to march. We did have a guy come up to the gym once a week (can’t remember his name now…a really good man!) until we actually could march and turn and counter-turn and keep lines and mark time and be able to go off to these festivals with some style.

Good idea!!

God bless Maureen Patterson

-Dave Staples

Maureen Patterson was a wonderful person who inspired her students to be the best that they could be. Her kindness and fellowship with her colleagues demonstrates how giving and dedicated Maureen was, whether it be in Band rehearsal or socializing with friends and family. If you would like to donate to the Maureen Patterson Memorial Scholarship

Please mail your donations to:
Jennifer Jungwirth
Box 24
Cudworth, SK S0K 1B0

Thank you for your support!
Nathan Seghers
SMEA President


SMEA Board of Directors has made available five (5) bursaries in the amount of $200 each.

Criteria: Awarded to a Saskatchewan Music Educator Association member planning to take post secondary classes to pursue his/her master/graduate degree or an advanced certificate in music education.

Eligibility requirements are as follows:

  • Applicants may only apply for courses successfully completed from September 1 – August 31.
  • Applicants may apply for advancement in a Certificate Program already obtained – example – Applicant with a 2 Year Certificate in music could apply for a class to pursue a 3 year certificate.
  • Applicants with a Bachelor’s Degree may apply for a class to pursue a Graduate Degree.
  • All applicants must be a Regular Member of the SMEA in good standing.
  • Applicant must provide transcripts indicating the dates of enrollment and successful completion of class.
  • Applicants must provide receipts indicating the tuition paid for the class.
  • Applicants must declare any other received bursaries or scholarships which are in recognition of the same classes the SMEA assistance is sought.
  • The class must be completed during the current SMEA membership year.
  • Applicant can apply once per year.
  • Application is for one class per year.
  • Preference will be given to the applicant with no other source of funding.

Forward a copy of the application form with transcripts and receipts by October 1 to:

Saskatchewan Music Educators Association

Box 24, Cudworth Saskatchewan S0K 1B0

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Application form: SMEA bursary application 2016