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We invite you to join the Saskatchewan Music Educators Association.

Call 306 256 7187 for a membership form, or you can purchase or renew memberships online below.

Please review the SMEA Data Use and Security Policy.

SMEA Membership Application Form

Membership Application Form
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Membership Types

FREE 1st year teachers REGULAR MEMBERSHIP $0 Contact SMEA

Regular membership in SMEA shall be open to all persons with an interest in music and shall include regular membership in CMEA. Regular members shall be entitled to vote and hold office. Regular members shall receive SMEA and CMEA publications.

First year Sask Teachers Federation members should click through the “join free” option.
SMEA is the STF Professional Growth Network for Music Education.

Associate membership in SMEA shall be open to members of other STF Professional Growth Network and to those who spend less than one half time in music teaching. Associate members are not eligible to vote or to hold office in SMEA. Associate members shall receive SMEA publications. Associate members in SMEA shall include Associate membership in CMEA.

All students interested in music at a post secondary level may hold student membership in SMEA. Student membership in SMEA includes Student membership in CMEA. Student members are not eligible to vote or hold office other than in organized Student Chapters of SMEA. Student members shall receive all SMEA publications and links.

Retired membership in SMEA is open to anyone no longer actively employed in the field of music and who is retired. Retired members are not eligible to vote or hold office in SMEA other than that of Honourary President. Retired membership in SMEA includes retired membership in CMEA. Retired members shall receive all SMEA publications.

Parent-Group membership shall be open to all associations of parents with children attending an educational institution. They are entitled to one vote per group of association. They shall receive all SMEA publications.

Administrative membership shall be open to Boards of Education for their administrators or trustees. It shall carry with it the privilege of all SMEA publications as well as two complimentary tickets to attend all conference workshops and concerts. One designated person shall be entitled to vote on behalf of any Board of Education holding an Administrative membership.

Corporate membership shall be open to all commercial firms related to the field of music. Corporate members shall not vote or hold office. Corporate members shall receive SMEA publications, and receive placement for advertising therein at no charge as per printing deadlines.

Honourary Life membership in SMEA may be granted to any member who is deemed worthy by the Board and general membership. Honourary Life membership includes all the rights and privileges of full membership. Membership fees of SMEA and CMEA are waived.

All applications for Member Organization membership in SMEA by a provincial body, (other than a Provincial Cultural Organization) must be reviewed and approved by the SMEA Board. Upon approval and receipt of a valid membership in SMEA, such a provincial body shall be deemed to be a Member Organization of SMEA.

A Member Organization may apply for funding to SMEA for local, regional or provincial projects for their members. Member Organizations must abide by the application requirements as detailed in the Member Organization Funding Policy. The SMEA’s fiscal liability for any Member Organization shall be limited to the total amount of the approved funding by SMEA to that Member Organization in any fiscal year. Member Organization or third party funding by SMEA shall not impair the SMEA’s own organizational funding. Member Organizations shall receive all SMEA publications.

Contact SMEA for more information.