Professional Development

Professional Development Funding

Assistance Policy for Members

  1. All professional development (PD) applicants must be a member of the SMEA, in good standing.
  2. All applications for PD assistance must be approved by the SMEA Board of Directors.
  3. Qualifying programs for PD assistance are – provincial, national or international conferences or workshops/courses that will increase the member’s professional development.
  4. Eligible members are invited to apply more than once; however, preference will be given to first-time applicants. Financial support will be distributed as professional development funds allow.
  5. Criteria for amount of PD Funding:
SMEA Membership Period Financial Support Granted
0-12 Months Up to $200
13-24 Months Up to $500
25+ Months Up to $1000
  1. Dates for applying are below. These dates reflect SMEA Board of Directors meetings. Applications received after the deadline will be returned to the applicant and will not be considered by the SMEA Board of Directors.
    Date of PD Application Deadline
    February 1 – March 31 January 15
    April 1 – June 30 March 15
    July 1 – September 30 June 1
    October 1 – January 31 September 15
  2. The applicant must include event details and objectives, as well as proposed budget including sources of self-generated revenue and the amount requested from the SMEA.
  3. The applicant must supply information of financial support from School Board (if any). Applications can be cancelled if school division funding/approval is not granted, therefore it is appropriate to apply before funding/approval is granted in order to meet SMEA application deadlines.
  4. The Professional Development Budget within the application is a two-step document. When applying, only fill in the left column PROPOSED EXPENDITURES and PROPOSED INCOME.
  5. If you are approved for funding, your follow-up report must include a completed right column of the Professional Development Budget detailing ACTUAL EXPENDITURES AND ACTUAL INCOME.
  6. Follow-up Reports must be received within 30 days following the PD event. SMEA will disburse funds once a follow-up report is received.
  7. Include a copy of all receipts pertaining to the PD event with the follow-up report.