Regional Workshops


  1. The province is divided into seven regions – each with an elected representation on the Board of Directors of the Saskatchewan Music Educators Association (SMEA).
  2. The responsibility of each Regional Director is to coordinate programs and services specific to the region in response to demonstrated need.
  3. All applications for sponsorship of a Regional Workshop must be from a member of the SMEA, in good standing. Due to a high volume of workshop requests, we are implementing a cap to the workshop funding to a maximum of $750 per member/per fiscal year.
  4. All applications for funding for Regional Workshops must be approved by the respective Regional Director, as well as the Board of Directors.
  5. The workshop must be inclusive to the entire region, unless circumstances such as available facilities dictate limited participation.
  6. Member funding programs are all covered under the Saskatchewan Music Educators comprehensive Liability Insurance coverage. Additional insurance for property, commercial articles, fixed assets, inventory, accidental injury, will be obtained and kept current by the SMEA’s general office.

Application and Follow-Up

  1. Dates for applying are below. These dates reflect SMEA Board of Directors meetings. Applications received after the deadline will be returned to the applicant and will not be considered by the SMEA Board of Directors.
    Date of Workshop Application Deadline
    February 1—March 31 January 15
    April 1—June 30 March 15
    July 1-September 30 June 1
    October 1-January 31 September 15
  2. The applicant must include workshop details and objectives, participant details, as well as a proposed budget including sources of self-generated revenue and the amount requested from the SMEA.
  3. The Regional Workshop Budget within the application is a two-step document. When applying, only fill in the left column PROPOSED EXPENDITURES and PROPOSED INCOME.
  4. If you are approved for funding, your follow-up report must include a completed right column of the Regional Workshop Budget detailing ACTUAL EXPENDITURES AND ACTUAL INCOME.
  5. Upon approval of funding, half of the approved funding will be disbursed approximately one month in advance of the event. The second half of the approved funding will be disbursed once a follow-up report is received.
  6. The SMEA logo and Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust logo must appear on all print and promotional materials. If print material is not being used, SMEA and Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust must be recognized verbally.
  7. Follow-up Reports must be submitted within 30 days following the workshop. SMEA will withhold the second portion of the approved funding and may require the first portion to be returned if a follow-up report is not submitted within this time frame.
  8. Include receipts, documentation for cheques issued, and samples of workshop evaluation forms (if applicable).
  9. If the workshop is cancelled for any reason, the initial funding from SMEA must be returned.

Suggested Guidelines

  1. Clinician Fees:
    • Professional Clinicians – $150.00/day plus expenses
    • Student Clinicians – $50.00 – $100.00/day plus expenses
    • Professional Development – $75.00/session – max.$300.00/day plus expenses
  2. Registration Fees:
    • Student Fees per project – $10.00
    • Adult/Teacher Fee per project – $20.00