Kids of Note & The Notations

Thank you for donating to our “choirs with a difference.” We’re so happy to have your support because people like you make a huge difference to us!

Our two choirs cost at least $30,000 annually. Once in a while we receive a modest operational grant from an organization, but mostly we rely on your donations, ticket sales and registration fees. We really try to keep our fees low so that families from a wide socioeconomic spectrum can be a part of our innovative, life-changing music program. You can find out more about what we do at

Donating through our partner organization, SMEA, is easy and secure. Simply type in your donation amount in the box below. Then press DONATE. Your shopping cart will show up in the top right corner, and you can click “checkout” to complete the transaction.

SMEA will happily provide a receipt for donations to Kids of Note of $25.00 or more. It will come to you via Canada Post.

If you opt to donate by cheque instead of using this online opportunity, please make it payable to Saskatchewan Music Educators Association, and mail it to: SMEA, Box 24, Cudworth, SK, S0K 1B0. You may also send an e-transfer to, but if you want a tax receipt you’ll need to send an email to the same address with your personal information. All in all the easiest way to donate is to use the button below.

On behalf of all our wonderful choristers, thank you again for choosing to donate to Kids of Note and the Notations!


Suggested Donation $25.00

Minimum Donation $20.00