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Saskatchewan Music Educators Association does not automatically collect personal and confidential information on the people who visit the Saskatchewan Music Educators Association Website. Here’s how we handle the information we receive:

Information Collected and Stored Automatically

Every time you visit, we automatically store information on what Web browser you are using, what pages you are accessing, the date and time, and what site you came from. However, we don’t know who you are. This type of information is used to identify trends and plan upgrades to the Website. For example, if we notice a section of the site rarely gets visited, we may pull the material, or re-work it to make it more useful to visitors.

Personal Information

You may choose to provide us with personal information, but you do not have to sign in to pay online. For example, you may send us an e-mail that would identify you, or send personal details to a Saskatchewan Music Educators Association staff member. Such communications are considered private and confidential. We will not release any of your personal information unless you specifically tell us to do so.

Waivers for Honour Groups Musicians addresses is specifically sought and applies only to mail addresses. Email addresses for students and other “in program” messaging and file keeping is not shared, and contact data with HG participants is deleted unless used/updated in 18 months with renewed waiver. Waivers are included in the registration forms. They vary from program to program.

Terms of Use

Agreement Between the User and Music Educators Association.
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Every effort is made to ensure the information provided on the Saskatchewan Music Educators Association Website is accurate and free of errors. Changes are made to the site on an ongoing basis to improve the site. That said, the Saskatchewan Music Educators Association site is not intended as a source of personal, medical, legal or financial consultation. Users should consult the appropriate professional, such as a STF rep or lawyer, for specific information.

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Limitation of Liability

In no event will Saskatchewan Music Educators Association be liable for

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