Saskatchewan Honour Groups

Welcome to the support website for 2018 Saskatchewan Honour Band and Choir.  Please use the sections below to find the information you need.

Band & Choir General Information

Band: Audition only.  For band audition requirements, click here.

Choir: Audition (given first priority) and recommendation (to fill any spaces left after successful auditions have been accepted).  For choir audition requirements, click here.

For sheet music for Art Thou Troubled (choir audition), click here.

This opportunity is open to any Saskatchewan student enrolled in Grade 9-12 at the start of the school year (September 2018).  Applicants are expected to perform at a high school level (or beyond) in all aspects of music.  Placement in an Honour Group is at the discretion of the auditioning adjudicators.  All auditions are anonymous. There is zero tolerance for auditions which contain “identity indicating” speech of any kind.

There is no audition fee for 2018.  Students selected for participation will be required to pay a $150 registration fee.  This fee includes participation in the Honour Groups Program, some meals, snacks, a T-shirt, SMEA Honour Groups water bottle, professional picture, and professional DVD archive recording of the concert.

The Honour Groups 2018 will take place in Saskatoon from Thursday, November 15th to Saturday, November 17th with Gala Concert at 4:30 PM November 17th, 2018.  The recorded performance will take place in conjunction with the Saskatchewan Music Conference, November 16th-17th, 2018.  Musicians failing to attend any rehearsal may be required to withdraw from their respective group.

Audition Information

Applicants are responsible for recording and uploading to the SMEA website a good quality recording of the audition materials required.  The SMEA website is able to accept submissions in either MP3 or M4A format.

1. Upload one file (MP3 or M4A) that includes all required elements for your audition.  If you are auditioning on more than one instrument/voice, a separate MP3 or M4A file and completed online form is required for each audition submitted.

2. DO NOT record (say) your name or the name of your school on the audition recording, but DO save the MP3 or M4A file itself with your name and instrument or voice part.

3. For the most accurate reproduction of your audition performance, record in a quiet space with the highest quality recording equipment available.  A student’s audition MP3 or M4A should be about 2MB.  Contact the registrar ( if you have questions.

Submission: Each audition recording must be accompanied by the appropriate online form.

Any submissions to SMEA become the property of SMEA and will not be returned.

If you cannot send an MP3 or M4A, mail your audition recording (CD) to:

SMEA Registrar
506 Christopher Lane
Saskatoon SK S7J 3S5

Please contact Darrell Bueckert, HG2018 Chair for further answers to questions.

Tentative nomination/audition deadline is May 15th, 2018. This deadline may be flexible depending on launch of new website. All applicants will be notified regarding the outcome of their recommendation within approximately 1 month of deadline.

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